Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Today is . . .

. . . the last day to file your taxes and . . . my hubby's birthday! Happy Birthday, Mr. Roget! Just wanted to give you a little shout-out.

And in other celebratory news, my youngest daughter, "Sassy," turned 6 on Easter Sunday! Sigh. How fast they grow!


Kate Karyus Quinn said...

Hi Crystal - thanks for visiting my blog!

And Happy Birthday to your husband and daugher!

Crystal said...

Thanks, Kate! Glad you stopped by. I missed starting my Work-in-Progress Wednesday, so I'm doing it Thursday. I'm going to try & stay on schedule next Wednesday.

Lori Degman said...

Hi Crystal - Happy birthday to your husband and daughter!

This should make you feel better - my younger son will turn 20 on Mother's Day and my other son will be 23 in June!! Enjoy you kids while you can!


Tess said...

Hi! I hopped over here from your comment on the Query Tracker a fellow middle grade historical fiction writer, I am always interested in finding others on the same path!

you can find me at


Anonymous said...

hi,aunty crystal..THIS IS MARIYAH ,AND ROCKY. We wanted to congradulate you on your up coming books.Hope you enjoy getting them published

p.s.thanks for taking us to the carnival.
-riyah and rocky

Crystal said...

Thanks, kids, but my book is not published--yet. But hopefully one day it will be accepted by a publisher & then published!