Thursday, April 23, 2009

Thursday Tidbits

Today I'm posting links to interesting posts on writing, publishing, books, etc., that I've come across in the last few days. Some of you may already know about a few (or maybe all) of these items, though, so bear with me.

1) This morning I came across this enlightening interview with editor/author Jill Santopolo on Agent Sara Crowe's blog. Jill is an editor at HarperCollins' Balzer and Bray imprint as well as a published author in her own right. Her title, Alec Flint, Super Sleuth: The Nina, the Pinta and the Vanishing Treasure was published in 2008 by Scholastic.

2) Aspiring children's writer, Tess Hilmo, had a terrific post yesterday with inspiring reminders from her readers (me included!) about the Do's and Don'ts of the writing process.

This was my contribution:

DO write a story that you'd want to read (over and over)--make it THAT GOOD!

DON'T ever give up!

3) Over at Literary Rambles, aspiring author Casey McCormick shines the spotlight on Nancy Gallt of the Nancy Gallt Literary Agency.

4) This past Sunday, at Juvenescence, Christy Raedeke, debut author of the forthcoming Prophecy of Days (Flux, 2010), posted a fantastic interview with debut YA author Alexandra Bracken. Bracken landed a top literary agent on--now get this--her 21st BIRTHDAY! At 21, I would have never even fathomed such a possibility while in college. Yes, she's in college, too! Her story is definitely inspiring, to say the least.

And while you're at Juvenescence, be sure and check out the rest of Christy's interviews with a bunch of other debut authors. I find these stories fascinating because, of course, they were once (and not too long ago, either!) aspiring authors, too!

5) Lastly, I just wanted to reiterate a message posted on Verla Kay's message board that there is a call out for debut authors who have Middle Grade and Young Adult titles coming out in 2010 to join the Class of 2k10. The book must also be published by a house listed in the CWIM (Children's Writer's and Illustrator's Market) and in the US.

To apply please visit

For more information or questions, contact Janet Fox at

That's it for me so far. I'll post more as I come across it.

Enjoy your day, folks!


Tess said...

Thanks for the shout out, Crystal. Thanks, too, for the other links. It's always fun to pop around and see what is going on elsewhere :) And your Do's an Don'ts were great...I think we do need to write stories we get excited about.

*don't miss the contest with an awesome prize over at my blog today.

Christy Raedeke said...

Hi Crystal! Thanks so much for mentioning my interviews! I never get tired of the "how I met my agent and got a deal" story. Let me know when you get your book deal so I can interview you!