Sunday, October 2, 2011

Sunday Musings . . . I'm back, yes, really!

Hi everyone!

Long time, no see . . . yes, I’m back. So sorry I was gone so long but I had to deal with a few personal issues, including unemployment (lost my job in 2010). And with my husband working only part-time, it has been quite stressful to say the least. But I’ve been quite busy, nevertheless, transporting the kids to school and their various activities, doing some freelance proofreading, and of course, working on my middle-grade novel.

But enough about me . . . what I really want to focus on with this comeback post is the DEBUT PUBLICATION of my long-time blogger friend, TESS HILMO’s middle-grade mystery, WITH A NAME LIKE LOVE (Farrar, Straus & Giroux/Macmillan, Margaret Ferguson Books, 2011). The excerpts I read on amazon had me wishin’ I had a Kindle to download the story right away. With a Name Like Love received 2 fantastic STARRED REVIEWS—from Kirkus and the esteemed School Library Journal—before it’s publication date (Sept. 27, 2011). That is a HUGE accomplishment! Congratulations, Tess!

You’ll find a wonderful interview with Tess on Robyn Campbell’s blog, Putting Pen to Paper (Hi Robyn!), as well as this interview with Tess over at CYNSATIONS, the blog of well-known author & resource of publishing info, Cynthia Leitich Smith. (And speaking of Cynthia, you have got to check out this inspiring guest post she wrote over at Adventures in Children’s Publishing, “Your Only Real Competition is Yourself.” Doesn’t she speak the truth?)


IN CASE YOU’RE INTERESTED, you can win a copy of TESS HILMO’s With A Name Like Love by leaving a comment at Mother Daughter Book under the post Book Review and Giveaway: With A Name Like Love by Tess Hilmo. THE CONTEST ENDS OCT. 12th midnight (PDT). Good Luck!

AND, don’t forget to read Tess’ guest post at this same site, where she offers great writerly wisdom on The Power of Words.

You know, there’s been so, so many great blog posts this past year. Did anyone see the wonderful Tribute to Rita Williams-Garcia (author of the 2011 Scott O’Dell and 2011 Coretta Scott King Award-winning novel, One Crazy Summer) by her editor Rosemary Brosnan? This greatly inspiring read is in the July/August 2011 issue of The Horn Book magazine. I think most writers would give their right arm (and leg!) to have such a wonderful author-editor relationship as theirs!

Another great motivational read I came across was a post back in June entitled What’s Holding You Back? by guest writer, Joanne Kraft, on the blog of literary agent Rachelle Gardner.

Finally, here’s another post I though I’d mention. I came across it a few days ago, and it is SO TRUE. It’s called Write What You Love, But Make Sure Only You Can Write It, written by Martina, one of the bloggers at Adventures in Children’s Publishing. I wholeheartedly agree with Martina when she says, “If your pages could have been written by anyone else, there probably isn’t enough of you on them yet.”

Well, that’s it for now folks. I’ve really enjoyed writing this post and intend to post more in the coming days, weeks, and months. I can’t promise a set schedule but I do hope to be more consistent!

And I must give a shout-out to a great blogger friend, Robyn Campbell, who, commenting on my last blog entry, encouraged me to come back to the blogosphere. Thank you, Robyn! :)

Enjoy your week, everyone!  :)


Robyn Campbell said...

I am so glad to cyber see you. You were missed! YAY!!!!!!!!!! I heart you and am so happy you're back. And don't worry about being gone so long. We're still here.

Thanks for the mention, friend. And the links. I did not see the tribute to Rita-Williams Garcia. I'll head over right now. Thanks for the links. (((hugs))) <3

Tess said...

Aw, thanks Crystal! This is really thoughtful. man, the blogging/writing community is so supportive.

glad to have you back - we all understand that life comes first and, as fun as blogging is, it is what sometimes has to be set aside.

robyn's comment cracked me up "cyber see you". hehehehehe

Can't wait to post about your launch someday ... I'll be cheering the loudest :)

Crystal said...

Thanks, you guys, for welcoming me back to the blogosphere!

Robyn--you're welcome for the links! Enjoy, my friend! And good to "cyber see you, too!" Btw, how's your novel coming along? :)

Tess--You're welcome! Yes, I agree, the blogger/writing community is awesome! So sweet of you to think about me having a launch . . . wow, I haven't even thought that far! Just trying to finish revisions & narrow down some agents. I'm so encouraged by your confidence, Tess! :)

Sharon K. Mayhew said...

Welcome back, Crystal! I don't know what I would do without all of my bloggy friends.

I adore Tess too. We went to Chautauqua in 2008. I just got With A Name Like Love in the mail. I can't wait to read the final copy. Tess is a beautiful writer and person.

Yay for everyone showing Tess blog love....